We have been dealing with hoof care equipment for cattle since 1984.
We are constantly expanding our knowledge and experience by cooperating with universities and professional hoof care facilities.

The sophisticated functionality of the devices, the high quality workmanship and the continuous further development make us one of the best-known manufacturers of hoof care devices, far beyond our own borders.

Walk-through system advantages:

  • Excellent working height for both front and rear hooves. The carer can work with an upright posture and straight back.
  • Direct view from above on the cut surface of the hooves. You can really see where you are working.
  • Without complex lifting devices, perfect working heights can be achieved at a comparatively low procurement cost.
  • The two-stage system at the rear makes it possible to check or inspect issues very quickly. The additional bar provides stability and safety when working with the angle grinder.
  • Very good cattle securing and at the same time protection of udder and abdomen. Even heavily pregnant animals can be cared for.
  • High quality rubber mat provides secure footing for the animals.
  • The Rosensteiner hoof trimming crushes are also perfectly suited as treatment crushes for vaccination, ear tagging, surgical procedures and many other applications where the cattle must be held gently and securely.
  • With manual transport wheels, the hoof trimming crushes are mobile in and around the barn even without a carrier vehicle.
  • If the crush has to be transported further, it can be easily and quickly attached to various carrier vehicles via the three-point hitch.
  • The walk-through and tipping systems have the same space requirement, so there is a system to suit everyone's taste.