The new Red 5 Professional ensures even faster and gentler hoof care with maximum safety for humans and animals.
Fewer loose parts, improved details and unique ideas promise even more comfortable work as well as higher throughput.

With a space requirement of only 12 m2, the Red 5 Professional is particularly well suited for fixed installation as a grooming station in the stable. Regular hoof care is thus integrated into the workflow as a matter of course, increasing animal welfare and your profitability.

RED 5 Professional - HIGHLIGHTS:

Unique catching device

The catching device opens silently along with the frame over its entire width. This ensures easy and stress-free driving in and out of the animals.
It is quickly and effortlessly electrically operated from any position around the stand and can be perfectly adjusted to the size of the animal - this is unique. This achieves the best ergonomics and perfect hold for the animal as well as maximum safety for the carer.

Electric chest strap system

The electric chest strap system with quick tensioning guarantees a firm and at the same time gentle fixation of the animal. When driving into the stall, the extra wide chest strap is held centrally on the ground, preventing the animal from getting entangled or stumbling. By pressing the control button, the belt is guided upwards through the flexible bracket system into the knee area of the animal, so that the belt system adapts optimally to the cow. This not only provides the animal with support, but also ensures increased comfort and faster work for the carer.

New front foot holder

Tried-and-tested improved once again - the electric front foot holders with the revised foot strap fixation ensure even easier and faster fastening. What has remained the same is the minimal power requirement, the exceptionally comfortable working height and the optimum view of the hoof. Within 45 seconds the first hoof is generally at a convenient working position with a working height of 75 cm

New rear foot stirrup

The new rear foot stirrup with integrated step-back lock ensures a particularly tight and gentle hold on the leg. The complete stirrup can be easily adjusted to the animal's size in a few moments and allows an exceptionally fast fixation of the rear hoof. Due to the stable, integrated knee rope, the animals can bend their leg particularly gently when lifting. The complete attachment of the rear leg is far more stable. The leg is gently but firmly fixed in the special plastic V-parts without any loose parts, in just a few easy steps.

Double rear leg winch

With the double, electric rear leg winch, each leg can be secured individually at the rear in just a few steps, eliminating the need to re-attach for lifting. There is a separate winch for both the left and the right leg, with the controls positioned right next to them at an optimum height.

Integrated service arm

The standard integrated service arm provides space for tools, power connection, LED lighting and the operation of the catching device, which can thus be triggered all around the stand.
Tools and lighting are therefore always exactly where they are needed.

Fast and gentle care

With the Rosensteiner RED 5, hoof care becomes faster, more effortless and more comfortable. And this with maximum protection of the animal.

Economical work

The RED 5 is far more economical than the expensive, heavy and technically overloaded boxes. This offers sensational performance at an economical price.