Traunstein district, Germany

Which Rosensteiner products do you own?

Top 5 hoof trimming crush

Why did you decide on a product from Rosensteiner?
The product distinguished itself over others in practical tests

What characteristics do you associate with the Rosensteiner company?
The company deals intensively with the needs of the animals and the customers and I can see this in my Top 5.

What do you particularly appreciate in your product(s)?
The Top 5 hoof trimming crush is perfectly adapted to the animals. Work goes very smoothly with it because the controls are ergonomically and logically arranged. The legs are held in a comfortable position for the work.

Which Rosensteiner products do you own?
I have a Rosensteiner Top 5 hoof trimming crush

Why did you decide on a product from Rosensteiner?
The reason for the purchase of the Rosensteiner Top 5 was the competent advice. I am still young and wanted to look after my health with the purchase of this product.

What characteristics do you associate with the Rosensteiner company?
The connection with the Rosensteiner product arose from the 2010 AGRAMA trade fair in Bern. I was given excellent advice by a very friendly lady from the manufacturer on the Hagmann + Hug AG stand.

What do you particularly appreciate in your product(s)?
What I appreciate about the product is the good and simple handling of the safety elements. However, the Top 5 is significantly more expensive than a conventional product. The additional price is compensated for by a much better quality, e.g. hot-dip galvanised, floor with rubber mat, simple catching device, ideal working height ...

Operation: Schmidberger family at the Wasserbauer Feeding World

Location: Waldneukirchen, Upper Austria, Austria

Size of the company: 30 cows, 30 calves

Hoof trimming crush: Kipp Top II


  • The care station was integrated into the existing barn in 2018.
  • The Kipp Top II is installed directly beside the milking area.
  • The hoof trimming crush is ready for use in just a few steps.
  • Tools and consumables are always at hand thanks to a dedicated toolbox.
  • Cattle are driven into the hoof trimming crush on pathways that are familiar for the herd.


The Kipp Top II is installed in the tightest of spaces and raised by 150 mm. Dung and shavings fall through gaps and into a dung track. This means that the care station is quickly tidied up, quickly cleaned and can therefore be used again immediately.

Which Rosensteiner products do you own?
Kipp Top Basic

Why did you decide on a product from Rosensteiner?
In addition to the level of familiarity, we are also impressed with the sound advice from Robert Bamberger from the Lagerhaus Technik Center in Kirchdorf.

What characteristics do you associate with the Rosensteiner company?
Rosensteiner has many years of experience and is based in the region.

What do you particularly appreciate in your product(s)?
It was clear from the outset that a Rosenstein tipping crush would be selected for the care station. It was well suited based on the space. In addition, the tipping crush impressed with its excellent facility for checking udders and the accessibility of the hooves.

We run a dairy farm with about 40 Fleckvieh cows and all their female offspring. Our farm is located in Heitzing 4 near the market town of Dunkelsteinerwald in the Melk district.

Which Rosensteiner products do you own?
Kipp Top hoof trimming crush
Samurai 3-point bucket

Why did you decide on a hoof trimming crush from Rosensteiner?
In our region there has been a hoof care community for more than 20 years which was very satisfied with the Rosensteiner tipping crush, and so are we. With the construction of the free-stall barn in 2008, we planned a fixed place in the barn where cow hoof care would be possible at any time, regardless of which animal needs to be corrected. Now a Rosensteiner Kipp Top sits there, available for our animals at any time (fast and comfortable), on guide rails for lowering.
With these two Rosensteiner products we could say only one thing: Only the best-finished equipment will make the race for the highest demands and durability. Occupational safety and comfort were also factors in the purchase.

What characteristics do you associate with the Rosensteiner company?
Specialists in the products they make, uncompromisingly professional and neat workmanship, Made in Austria

Handing over the Rosensteiner Red Q hoof trimming crush to the Oberfarrach-Seckau community

The first Red Q in Murtal was recently handed over by Landforst|Technik!

Impressed by their old Kipp Top, which has provided flawless service for many years, the members of the community decided to purchase the brand new, innovative "Red Q" from Rosensteiner.

A cow from Agnes Hasler's farm was also immediately placed on the new hoof trimming crush to demonstrate its handling.

We would like to thank the members of the community for their loyalty and wish their cattle continued healthy hooves!

One of the first Red Qs was handed over by the Flixeder company in Pattigham to the Redleiten hoof care community.

Chairman: Franz Purrer, 4873 Redleiten

The hoof care community's RED Q is used in a cooperative with 7 members.

Why did you decide on the Rosensteiner RED Q hoof trimming crush?
1) Because its function and comfort are state-of-the-art
2) The trapping gate is an advantage
3) The leg holders are also impressive - a great improvement
4) The time advantage

Do you already own other Rosensteiner products?
Yes a rear bucket

What characteristics do you associate with the Rosensteiner company?

Where did you find out about the product or how did you come across it?
Trade fair
Visit to Rosensteiner

Simon Schlüter is the owner of a new RED Q hoof trimming crush.

Simon Schlüter in Kellinghusen looks after 120 dairy cows with approx. 100 animals for breeding and 80 fattening bulls. The Schlüter family is also a training company for apprentices.

Why a hoof crush from Rosensteiner?
Two neighbouring farms already have a Kipp Top and a Top 5 from Rosensteiner. Their satisfaction and the innovative solutions of the Red Q were decisive factors in the purchase.
With a good machine, hoof care is interesting again.

Is the hoof trimming crush permanently integrated into the barn?
A fixed place outside is provided for the treatment. Transport to this place is carried out with a forklift. The standard forklift attachment proves its worth here.

Which characteristics do you associate with Rosensteiner?
Family business, well thought out designs, well manufactured

How did you hear about the product?
Elite - trade magazine
Euro Tier trade fair in Hanover


The Red Q is permanently installed at the Häfliger/Niffeler joint venture, a perfect care station with guide systems. The Red Q was eagerly awaited - 85 animals have already been treated in a very short time.

Details of the operation:

Farm community
115 cows
Average barn capacity of 10,500 kg milk output
20-station carousel: Lemmer Fullwood

Why did you decide on a product from Rosensteiner?

We discovered videos of the Rosensteiner hoof trimming crushes on Youtube. Then we watched the Red Q film several times. From the Rosensteiner homepage we went to the importer, Rhein-Technik. After watching it in practice at a Swiss colleague's premises, the decision was quickly made as a result of the impressive speed and simple operation.

Which products did you consider?

The Red Q and the Kipp Top. We decided on the Red Q because of its speed and simple operation!

How was hoof care carried out before?

In an old Canadian tipping crush

Who is your dealer? How satisfied are you with your dealer?

Rhein Technik ­- Mr. Hagmann was very competent and the transaction was completed very quickly

Operation: 360 cattle including 200 dairy cows

As an experienced user of a tipping crush he visited the EUROTIER in Hannover and discovered Rosensteiner there, a company he had not previously known. The futuristic Red Q immediately caught his eye. Since the new tipping crush was also presented at the AGRAMA shortly afterwards, plant manager Markus Kurmann paid the importer Hans Peter Hagmann a visit.
Although neither Krieger nor Kurmann had known either Rosensteiner or Hagmann before, they quickly gained confidence and ordered the first Red Q in Switzerland.

Their enthusiasm from the trade fair was even further increased by practical use.
The fast and safe workflow, the control of the straps, perfect leg fixation and the stability of the robust construction were decisive for the purchase and have proven themselves in practice. The veterinary herd manager, Dr. Bühlmann, is also enthusiastic about the Red Q, as it is also an ideal operating table.

The hoof care is carried out by the owner, Mr. Krieger himself. The herd is trimmed twice a year and checks are carried out daily in the milking area. Any necessary corrections are carried out immediately. So at times, there are several treatments carried out daily.

How did you hear about the Rosensteiner product?

We had been looking for a practical, useful treatment and hoof care crush for two years already. We had already had some of them demonstrated to us. However, none of the treatment / hoof care crushes impressed us to any real extent. We believed that there were no truly clever products on the market. A farmer, (colleague) who keeps dams, had been working with a Rosensteiner SNAP TOP for several years now - with great satisfaction.

Mr. Hagmann then gave me information about the crush by phone and sent me a proposal for the SNAP TOP TEN as requested.
I was also able to find out more from the very informative Rosensteiner website.

I then ordered the SNAP TOP TEN from Hagmann + Hug as a field test.
The commissioning at the field test convinced us, the biggest critics!
The service arm is very helpful, so the electric cables are not lying on the ground and the angle grinder can be well hung.
The work and the handling really correspond with the manufacturer's instructions.
Because the SNAP TOP TEN is hot-dip galvanised it looks sure to give us pleasure for a very long time.

From today I/we are the happy owners of the SNAP TOP TEN.

Hansjörg Müller
4445 Häfelfingen