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For over 25 years now, sales have been handled by local distribution partners. We always place special emphasis on long-term partnerships. In our opinion, a competent local contact partner is just as important for the customer as an excellent product. In addition to our products, we are also constantly striving to optimise and expand our distribution network.

Interested in becoming a Rosensteiner sales partner?


  • Active dealer in the field of agricultural machinery
  • Reliable and ambitious partner with future-oriented vision and good development potential
  • Focused on agricultural machinery and/or animal husbandry requirements in the cattle and dairy farming sectors
  • Thematically matching products, such as milking systems, feeding technology, loaders, tractors, etc.
  • Focused on quality products and premium brands
  • Possibility of carrying out or organising minor repairs or warranty services.

Why Rosensteiner?

  • Unique products – uncompromising quality, perfect functionality and well thought-out design help us to stand out from the competition. The only manufacturer with fully developed and successful crushes with drive-through and tipping systems.
  • Economic necessity – our products help to keep dairy farmers economically successful - "The hooves carry the milk!".
  • Reliable partner – our family business has been developing and producing high-quality products for the agricultural sector since 1982.
  • Long-term business relationships – we offer technical support, service and comprehensive know-how. The supply of spare parts is assured for our dealers over the long term. In addition, we offer numerous marketing and advertising materials to support our sales partners.
  • Speed, safety and comfort – these aspects are always the focus of our development. Special emphasis is placed on functionality and on customer benefit. You can find more about our products here.

Seize the opportunity, become a Rosensteiner sales partner!

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