Payload:3,500 kg (at 25 km/h)
Recommended vehicle power:Up to ca. 120 hp
Hydraulic lifting force:Max. 4,800 kg
Depth:125 cm
Width (inner):200 / 220 / 250 / 270 cm
Special widths from 160 cm to 300 cm (in 10 cm steps)
Tailboard height / front wall height:42 cm / 62 cm
3-point hitch:Cat II Ø28mm, DIN= support spacing 825mm


  • Three-point hitch Cat II Ø28mm DIN= support spacing 825mm)
  • 2 cylinder system, double-action
  • Removable tailboard / rear wall
  • Powder-coated painting: Bucket RAL 3003, 3-point hitch & tailboard RAL 7046
  • 6 lashing points for load securing
  • Bolted scraper strip: High-strength material (HB 400), can be turned once (multiple service life)
    Instead of being welded as previously, the scraper strip is now simply bolted on. We have developed a solution for this to allow the edge of the scraper to be flush with the ground despite the necessary guide. The strip is also divided into three parts so that uneven wear can be balanced out.


DOUBLE-ACTION (inner)Weight
50205Samurai 200D200417 kg
50225Samurai 220D220429 kg
50250Samurai 250D250450 kg
50270Samurai 270 D270462 kg