Why the Rosensteiner three-point bucket?

13 reasons that hardly anyone else can fulfil.

Bulk materials attachment
  • On request: Bulk materials attachment on three-point bucket
  • Long service life & easy tipping of materials thanks to smooth surface
Custom painting
  • On request: Painting in all standard RAL colours


Lashing points
  • Three defined lashing points on each side as standard
Lashing eyes
  • Additional lashing eyes if desired (inside the bucket)


Tailboard flush on the outside
  • No risk of injury in the event of collisions
Tailboard swivel device + load surface extension
  • On request:
    2 in 1
    The swivel tailboard
    becomes a load surface extension
Bolt-on scraper strip
  • HB 400 (high-strength material) for a long service life


Modern design
  • Functionality and design perfectly tailored to one another.


Safety tailboard locking
  • Flush on the outside, bolts do not protrude


  • On request: Various mounts - from Euro standard through to exotic wheel loaders


2-cylinder system with quality cylinder
  • High dump force, 90°, residue-free emptying, metered tipping, easy loading
Austrian quality product

The benefits

You should be using it for a long time  

This is guaranteed by the many good ideas and the highest standards in production - "100% Made in Austria".

The three-part scraper strip can be replaced at any time in the event of wear (even in individual sections if the wear differs). We use HB 400 as standard but HB 600 or plastic is also possible.

High-strength forged parts for the mounting points, branded cylinders for the hydraulics and modern production guarantee that the attractive bucket will stay that way for a long time.

You have every option

The three-point bucket means a multitude of advantages. Truck-style payloads in synergy with high tipping force and speed due to the 2-cylinder system turn every carrier vehicle into a multi-transporter. The huge range of accessories enables the most versatile applications. Robust three-point frames made of round tubes combine function with perfect design.

Where the standard three-point linkage does not fit, there are mounts for almost every attachment variant from forklift to various loaders. Sufficient lashing points ensure the best load securing.

You can find something to suit your needs

Three-point buckets are available in a variety of types, allowing perfect adaptation to every carrier vehicle and to individual requirements.
5 types from 1 to 3 m in width and 1,000 to 5,000 kg payload as well as well thought-out equipment packages guarantee that you can find something to suit. Direct mounting is recommended for use on a loader. You can pick up the three-point bucket like an original loader attachment
and use it as a high-tipping bucket. The three-point hitch stays in place. The three-point bucket becomes an unbeatable universal tool.

You can be proud of it

The uniquely modern design of the three-point bucket blends in perfectly with your tractor or loader, with optional custom paintwork. The quality of workmanship also perfects the appearance. "Austrian quality product" is not only a guarantee for top quality, but also for local jobs, short transport distances and the support of the regional supply industry.

Be proud of your economical and functional three-point bucket and enjoy working with it. Its value is not only stable in monetary terms - its should remain a valuable part of your everyday work life.