RED 5 Professional - the star

Perfectly staged >>

How to perfectly stage the new RED 5 Professional?
Exactly! With a professional photo and video shooting.

What do you need for that?
Of course, our shooting star - RED 5 Professional!
An ambitious and well-trained employee who understands hoof trimming - Robert
Our photographer with a focus on the essentials- Erwin from the advertising agency On Line
The movie maker Kilian from Agrarvolution, who knows how to use all the technical gadgets to show the quick, easy and, above all, effortless hoof trimming with our RED 5.

And: A great location - like the farm of the family Edlmayr - with a new cowshed, a clean surrounding and photogenic cows in the middle of the Steinbach hilly land.

A successful campaign for a perfect product!
Stay tuned - the movie will come shortly ;-)