This specially developed platform ensures that the tilting hoof trimming crush stands stable and secure on the floor. The tipping crush can be operated without a carrier vehicle or without being fixed to the floor. A non-slip rubber mat in the work area ensures a safe position of the hoof trimmer and the cattle when trimming the hoofs. After the hoof trimming, the tipping crush including the platform can be easily moved with a pallet truck, forklift, loader or tractor.

The platform is suitable for all stationary tilting crushes - KIPP TOP II, RED Q, RS-Q and VET PRO-

Delivery: Pallet goods, dismantled including assembly instructions
Weight: approx. 320 kg

Dimensional sketch

Trapping grid connection set for tilting hoof trimming crushes mounted on the platform (item no. 12022) consisting of:

  • 2 x trapping grids 1,600
  • 1 x standard connecting bow
  • 4 x standard connecting bolts
  • 1 x door arch with door and latch
  • 2 x Connection Console to platform

The connection set enables a stable connection to the trapping grids.

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Caesarean crane for VET PRO:

  • Incl. own electric winch,
  • Wired remote control
  • Transport bracket with quick lock
  • Load capacity: 150 kg

Dimensional sketch