We have been dealing with hoof care equipment for cattle since 1984.
We are constantly expanding our knowledge and experience by cooperating with universities and professional hoof care facilities.

The sophisticated functionality of the devices, the high quality workmanship and the continuous further development make us one of the best-known manufacturers of hoof care devices, far beyond our own borders.


  • Quick catching with the catching device and space-saving drive-out to the front or back.
  • Whether manual or hydraulic, all four legs are quickly and firmly fastened in place and brought into the optimum position in a few seconds. This guarantees an ergonomic working position for the carer.
  • 2 hoof trimmers can work on the 4 hooves simultaneously.
  • There is no need to walk around the crush and the animal, the working area is just 2 metres and is free of excrement!
  • Thanks to the central operation and the compact working area, the tipping system guarantees shortest distances and quick throughput.
  • The floor surface is the same in front of the crush and in the crush - the cattle can move faster on homogeneous surfaces and do not have to negotiate any steps.
  • The joints of sick or older cattle are immediately and ideally relieved of stresses and strains in the tipping crush.
  • Examinations of the abdomen or udders allow teat or navel injuries to be treated perfectly.
  • The tipping crush can also be placed in a corner or niche due to the tipping effect and the fact that the work is carried out on one side.
  • The walk-through and tipping systems have the same space requirement, so there is a system to suit everyone's taste.