Traping grid set 6 pieces for the types:

  • RS-Q   L50
  • RS-Q   Q45
  • RS-Q   Truck


  • Stable trapping grid set for attaching a gangway or waiting area
  • 6 trapping grids (dimensions of a singe trapping grid: length = 2m, height = 1.6m)
  • Fit precisely to RS-Q frame
  • Quickly and securely connected with chain lock

This specially developed platform ensures that the tilting hoof trimming crush stands stable and secure on the floor. The tipping crush can be operated without a carrier vehicle or without being fixed to the floor. A non-slip rubber mat in the work area ensures a safe position of the hoof trimmer and the cattle when trimming the hoofs. After the hoof trimming, the tipping crush including the platform can be easily moved with a pallet truck, forklift, loader or tractor.

The platform is suitable for all stationary tilting crushes - KIPP TOP II, RED Q, RS-Q and VET PRO.

Delivery: Pallet goods, dismantled including assembly instructions
Weight: approx. 320 kg

Dimensional sketch

Trapping grid connection set for tilting hoof trimming crushes mounted on the platform (item no. 12022) consisting of:

  • 2 x trapping grids 1,600
  • 1 x standard connecting bow
  • 4 x standard connecting bolts
  • 1 x door arch with door and latch
  • 2 x Connection Console to platform

The connection set enables a stable connection to the trapping grids.

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Toolbox ROLLER BLIND, suitable for the types:

  • RS-Q   L50
  • RS-Q   Q45
  • RS-Q   Truck


  • Extra-large toolbox (volume 1200 l)
  • Roller blind on both sides, lockable
  • Storage drawer on the right side in direction of travel, for documents/ treatment products
  • Interior configuration customisable (sockets, documentation holder and much more)

Trapping grid connection including trapping grid retainer for RS-Q Trailer L50 – LONGITUDINAL tilting direction


  • Stable swivel frame for secure attachment of a gangway with the RS-Q
  • Enables the stable connection of a gangway
  • Folded into position in a matter of seconds
  • Stable bracket for trapping grid on the rear of the RS-Q trailer
  • Simplest loading and unloading of the trapping grid
  • Rapid access to the grid, quick mounting of a gangway
  • Grid can also remain on the frame during work