4343 Mitterkirchen

Samurai 220 + Direct mount Euro standard + Tailboard swivel device

The anniversary model was handed over to innkeeper couple Anton und Roswitha Häuserer in Mitterkirchen. With 35 hectares of land for arable farming, pig fattening and forestry, this most versatile bucket can certainly be put to good use.

With the "Kompakt 180" model, Häuserer bought his first Rosensteiner shovel back in 1985. Last year he saw his brother-in-law's new three-point Judo bucket. At the Tullner trade fair he finally decided to go for the Samurai with direct mount for the front loader.

Now we were able to hand over the new team (a new Steyr Kompakt 4085 A with front loader and Samurai) together with the Hochrather company.
With optional use on the loader or the rear hydraulics, it can be used for a wide range of transport activities, snow clearance and high loading activities such as wood chips in the hall.
The decision between a lightweight shovel and the Samurai was easy thanks to the versatility. The good flow of information during the purchase decision was also praised

Fish farming in Gleinstätten

The Matti family has a large fish farming operation in Gleinstätten. Rosensteiner three-point buckets help with the work.
The Matti family is very happy with our products and as a result their third Rosensteiner tipping bucket is already in use. Of course we are happy about that too!

1x Samurai 180, 1x Samurai 200 and 1x Samurai 220


Dunkelsteinerwald (Melk district)

We run a dairy farm with about 40 Fleckvieh cows and all their female offspring. Our farm is located in Heitzing 4 near the market town of Dunkelsteinerwald in the Melk district.

Which Rosensteiner products do you own?
A Samurai 220 3-point bucket and a Kipp Top hoof trimming crush

Why did you decide on a tipping bucket from Rosensteiner?
The reason for purchasing the tipping bucket in 2011 was that we wanted to transport large-volume and bulk material as well as wheelbarrows time and again with the purchase of a front loader, and we also wanted to be able to do this at the rear of the tractor.
For us the issue was clear: Only the best-finished equipment will make the race for the highest demands and durability. Occupational safety and comfort were also factors in the purchase

What characteristics do you associate with the Rosensteiner company?
Specialists in the products they make, uncompromisingly professional and neat workmanship, Made in Austria

The pictures with the tipping bucket are from the partner company.

3701 Ruppersthal

Handover of a double-action Samurai 180.
The Chief picking up the Samurai at the Pfaller dealership.

We hope you really enjoy working with the Rosensteiner three-point bucket.

6835 Zwischenwasser

A hobby farmer with a Samurai 220

To the Rosensteiner company!
I am fully satisfied with the SAMURAI dump bucket.

Tenant of the Schobersteinhaus, 4453 Trattenbach

The Mitterhumer family has three 3-point buckets in use, a Samurai and a Sumo for both tractors (in some cases on the rear and front hydraulics simultaneously) and a "Judo" for the Metrac.

The Mitterhumers run the Schobersteinhütte, a hut that is well-loved by hikers, and in the valley in Trattenbach they run a farm with a wine bar. The inn is almost exclusively supplied by the three-point buckets. Water tanks and drinks are transported this way - even over rough terrain.

"Nobody believes what we are able to do with our three buckets. In any case, we keep the Schoberstein in good shape with them: Repairing paths, construction work, clearing snow and even avalanches... Yes, avalanches always involve large stones and so it is impossible to drive a snow blower.
With the three-point buckets we have by far the most robust solution and also the most versatile. That's why they are also our stalwarts and are in use every day," says Mitterhumer, pleased with his helpers. "They are also indispensable in agriculture. Transporting the fruit for the must, loading pigs, clearing out manure ..."


From ARGE Kompost & Biogas in Enns

The demands on the loading machinery are high with composting. Enormous tonnages must be mastered every day. High hourly outputs demand everything from the machines.
Inspired by the diverse Rosensteiner adapter range for mounting the three-point buckets on different basic vehicles, Rudolf Hofmann from the ARGE Kompost & Biogas in Enns came up with an ingenious idea. He adapted the Rosensteiner three-point frame to his telehandler himself. Then he sent it back to Rosensteiner, where it was powder-coated and fully assembled on a new SUMO.

The three-point bucket is almost the only thing used now, in place of the standard bucket. Because the three-point bucket does not tilt downwards for dumping, but rather the bucket is lifted above the pivot point, it gains so much lifting height that the telescopic arm usually does not need to be extended at all. In addition, the three-point bucket reacts much more quickly when tipping out and when sliding in. In this way Hofmann saves a lot of time and wear and can really go "above and beyond" with his telehandler.
Mr. Hofmann especially appreciates the robustness, the huge loading volume and the 5t payload, which leaves plenty in reserve. Just as his compost will let a lot of flowers and fruits sprout, we appreciate this fruitful idea.

A Sumo three-point truck for a mountain farmer?
5 t payload, 2.50 m bucket width... What does a mountain farmer do with such a huge Rosensteiner three-point bucket?

The family looks after 15 cows and 35 young cattle for breeding and fattening oxen and is also a member of an alpine pasture community. There is always plenty to transport. In this steep terrain the 3-point bucket is superior to any trailer or truck. With the Sumo, the power and manoeuvrability of the tractor can be fully utilised. Mounted on the tractor for 200 days a year proves the universal benefits of the machine. However, this is also demonstrated by community services such as snow clearing or working with wood chips.
The Sumo is easy to mount, can be parked whilst loaded and can be re-mounted without having to get down. Großauer would also like to see this solution with centring discs for other devices: "Well, Rosensteiner is always ahead with their customer focus", he is pleased about the innovative spirit of the nearby manufacturer.

As a perfectionist, design is also important to Großauer and that "everything is neatly in place". It was also critical to choose an attachment that perfectly matches the tractor performance. Taking all this into account, there was really only one choice: The Sumo from the wide range of Rosensteiner three-point buckets