Rosensteiner adapters & direct mounts

You have a loader (farmyard loader, telehandler, front loader, etc.) and want to attach a Rosensteiner three-point bucket to it? No problem!
With the adapters and direct mounts from Rosensteiner you can mount your three-point bucket onto your loader with ease.

In addition, with a Rosensteiner three-point bucket you can increase the tipping height of your loader by up to 50% (1.6 to 2.2m) compared to conventional loader buckets.
The three-point bucket becomes your true high dump bucket!


Adapter operate as a tool-less plug-in system:

  1. Connect adapter to the Rosensteiner three-point bucket
  2. Pick up with the loader
  3. Fasten mechanically or hydraulically
  4. Done!

In addition, we also produce numerous intermediate adapters that connect a variety of loaders with a variety of tool mounts.
So, a farmyard loader can also use existing front loader attachments.
For example: A Weidemann front loader hydraulically connected to Euro standard attachment.

And what happens when you switch to another brand of loader?
Simply order a new adapter and your three-point bucket is ready for use once again!


Direct mounting is recommended in cases where the three-point bucket is used primarily on a single loader.


  • The three-point bucket is ca. 10cm closer to the loader.
  • The three-point hitch for rear and front hydraulics is fully retained.
  • An additional forklift mount is also possible.
  • The three-point bucket becomes an unbeatable universal tool