Theory meets practice

Brandenburg under the sign of hoof care >>

Leading European manufacturers presented their skills in the field of hoof trimming crushes to decision-makers of dairy farms at a workshop on May 18th and 19th in Brandenburg, Germany. The first day was all about theory with numerous lectures and a lively exchange with experts. On the following day, the manufacturers showed their hoof trimming crushes in action.
Special attention was paid to our RS-Q professional hoof trimming crush, which is characterized by its high level of working comfort for the hoof trimmer and the versatile application options for veterinarians.
In a ward operation, the participants from large companies, public bodies and veterinarians were able to find out all about the processes at the treatment stands, the system analysis, the treatment and documentation principles. A successful event, organized and led by the clinic for cloven-hoofed animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leipzig under the direction of Prof. Dr. Alexander Starke.