RED 5 Professional

Hoof trimming - faster and more comfortable >>

The new Red 5 Professional provides even faster and gentler hoof trimming with maximum safety for the hoof trimmer and the animals.
Fewer lose parts, new and unique details promise even more pleasant work and higher throughput.

The Red 5 Professional is particularly suitable for permanent installation within a care area in the stable, with a space requirement of only 12 m2.
Regular hoof trimming therefore can be perfectly integrated into the daily work flow, the animal welfare is increased and your profitability will grow.

The highlights are:

  • electric chest strap
  • better front foot holders
  • new rear leg bar
  • double hind foot winches
  • unique safety gear

The actual service arm provides space for tools, power connection, LED lighting and the operation of the safety gear.

Due to the RED 5 Professional, hoof care becomes faster, more effortless and more convenient.

More about the RED 5 Professional under the following link: RED 5 Professional Highlights