STI multi-lifting-crane

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The STI multi-lifting crane was developed in cooperation with STI Steyr Trucks | Sales and Services International GmbH, manufacturer of special machines for road construction in Waldneukirchen, Upper Austria, The STI multi-lifting crane is mounted on a Rosensteiner three-point bucket (SAMURAI) and has a lifting force of up to 250kg. For example, heavy buckets, manhole covers or tools can be easily picked up and loaded. The STI multi-lifting crane is perfect for lifting and lifting manhole covers. A strong, simple and universal solution for municipal companies that want to make their employees' work easier and to bundle their workforce more efficiently. Of course, the Rosensteiner Samurai with the STI multi-lifting crane is available in the usual municipal colors and, thanks to the practical tool holder, offers space for brooms, shovels and spades in addition to LED marker lights or side wall pivoting device.